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“Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us.” ~ Samuel Smiles

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Market Risk   1 comment

This is the probability that the customers will not buy products or services being offered.It is the chance that the product or services wont be accepted by the market or that the market wont be penetrated.                    

In my Town there is one designer who makes my trousers. this guy is very good and most of the times when i press an Order it takes him. Less than one week to contact me to pick up my Order. Overwhelmed by his works many people ask me where i buy my trousers from and i simply say, someone makes them for me.

With this response buy the market towards his product i have so far introduced more than 10 people to this designer. Out of whom i have noticed only two have come back with a positive feedback. I have realized that my designers response towards new customers has not been very good.

In my Opinion this negative response by eight(8) out of the ten (10) prospects i directed to my designer might increase my designers market risk.

 I suspect my designer is failing to meet the increasing demand for his services and products, hence in pursuit to keep his loyal customers he is ending up disappointing his new customers.

This simple sharing is an overview of the many businesses out there in many so societies in response to high demand. The problem with this kind of response is it becomes challenging to increase ones market due to the number of prospects one disappoints. 

The Best Alternative in an event like this would be to increase the work force. To mobilize a team that can serve best to meet the demand. as much as the cost of labour would go up,the return of this increased cost will be overwhelmingly rewarding once the market has been convinced of the business’ ability to deliver 


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When my immediate young brother graduated from the University it was truly a moment of Joy for my family,fortunately he had his own camera for takeing photos for the Ggraduation Ceremony, so we have a number of photos for that day. I watched a lot of people filled with joy and pride for the accomplishment of their loved ones that day.

What keeps me wondering is how we are all led to focus on that day of Joy and forget the an avoidable question,”What next?” In my country graduating from the university does not guarantee immediate employment or a great Job. I have Known people who have struggled to get a Safe Secure Job even after Graduating from the University.

Just Like it is when we do graduate from Colleges,Universities and other Institutions, so it is with this life. The conflict of Living this life shall end for all of us and our race will be Done. The unavoidable question must Be answered. “What next?”

What is most dreading is the fact that The Bible clearly state that it is given unto Man once to die thereafter JUDGEMENT The Quran Speaks of Paradise and a place of Torment for the evil doers.. Most people Spend most of their time trying to figure out what happens to they that are dying.

The great Issue is what Happens when I die? when My Life as an Individual ends, What Next?

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Most of the times when i see a light house, it reminds of the Hope that lies ahead in the midst of the life’s waves and endless seas. It also remind me of the story of the ship-men who so a ship from afar and commanded the captain of the ship from a distance to move out of the way. to their amazement the man on the radio refused to move. The Ship-men work up their Captain from his rest who commanded the ship in the name of the King to move but the Man on the radio from afar refused to move.

The Captain of the ship was so annoyed that a civilian could stand to challenge his order and much more defy the order made by the captain in the name of the King.

In his Last Command before they could resort to open fire the Captain said, “This is your last chance,move out of our way or suffer the consequence this is the Captain speaking.” The Man on the Radio from afar Said, “Stand down, THIS IS THE LIGHTHOUSE.”

Certain circumstances persist because they save a purpose far better than we can ever Imagine.

Last Gentleman In Town

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When i woke up yesterday in the morning i felt different. i felt so weak in my inner man, i knew that it’s one of those days where everything goes messy and out of control.

It so occurred that a conviction just popped up in my mind that if i let my day start like this i will definitely lose control of it, By the way i do not take things for granted when it comes to the way i allow days unfold because i understand that one messed day might mess up my future.

I picked up my phone as i was in no mood to pray really (i know that men ought to pray weather they feel like it or not), But i choose to let someone else do a prayer for me. I called my fiancée and i said “Babie would you pray for me?” she said, “what are you talking about?” i said, “am serious, pray for me.” she begun to make declarations, “You are blessed, may favour go before you today….” before she could even finish, I said Babie pray, then she begun to pray and we agreed together over the phone.

I felt different and yesterday i received calls from various people whom i never even expected would call me and as i write today i know because of how i started yesterday my life spanned in a very different and great direction. i feel it right in my bones that change has come. i am so confident that my next two months will just be but a manifestation into the physical of what has already happened in the supernatural realms.

I would encourage you if you are reading this where ever you may be, to never ever allow days start without you having control over then regardless of how you feel. Do not allow you current circumstances override the great opportunities that are held in your future. Start each day with a positive mind, start each morning with a prayer, and make some positive declarations over your life.

Thank you


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Yestarday when i got the Lesson from the Mad   Leave a comment

Life has a way of teaching us or reminding us of certain principles that we tend to ignore.I was amazed at what happened yesterday right at my work place. i was broke and had nothing on me (in terms of money of course). Then this mad man came right into my office.

The mad Man’s name is Allan,I know him because he usually comes into my office to ask for arms.Then on this particular day (yesterday) he came in as usual and i was broke.then he stood by my table in anticipation, i told him,Mr Allan, not today. i will give you next time. He moved on to my assistants Desk and asked for money she equally told him,”Mr Allan i will give you next time not today.” Then Allan came back to my desk and pulled out a five hundred kwacha (K500) about [$0.1] and put it on my desk.

When i arrived at home alone in my room i begun to think about the gesture that this man(Allan) had demonstrated. This Man realized that truly i had nothing and in his mad state he choose to give me that amount with a view to help me since i had nothing.

I know Allan will come back to ask for help another day, but when he comes i sure will give him something. I was reminded that when you give, no matter how much it is, the motive of your giving is what matters most. i may not be 100% sure of why he(Allan) gave me that amount upon realizing i had nothing but i have lent that when you help someone in times of need, they will be there for you when you are in need.

On the other hand Allan’s gesture reminds me of one Scripture in the Bible that advices man to Cast Bread upon many water and how after many days he will find it multiplied.

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Are you looking for love? then look no further because the greatest secrete of secretes for love has been established those that have used it have no regrates at all.

Are you wondering why it is so hard to love in totality? its simple, no one can give what they do not have.
Therefore the secret lies in one being occupied with true love.
Let love be established on your inside by let Christ Jesus the Author and master of love be the fountain of love in you.

Welcome him and ask him to come into yourlife let him be Lord of you life.

How to Pray:
Father God of have help me, live my life in true love, Let your son Christ Jesus come and be a spring of love in my life. I surrender my life to you that your son may reign in me.
In The name…

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